Veronica Scurry

Hi, I’m Veronica Scurry, the Founder & CEO of True Image Inspired. I am an Inspirational Self Love Advocate for women and young adult women.

I love what I do but I didn’t get to this place without having gone through a powerful transformation, overcoming obstacles and challenges in my own life.  I did have plans but God had different plans for me. Life happened and I became a high school graduate, a wife, and a mom all within 9 months and that’s when my life took a turn I was not looking for. As you can imagine, my life did not turn out how I expected it to.

After being laid off from my corporate job and after many attempts to go back into the workforce, with no success, I became an unintentional stay at home mom to two beautiful babies. Reluctantly, I decided to be a full-time stay at home mom.  I became depressed, very depressed. What I “thought” was my identity, being a working mom, had now been taken away from me.

I struggled for years trying to find out who I was, outside of wife and mom. What was my purpose?  I had fallen victim, like many others, to losing my identity in being a wife, mom, homemaker, etc. Fast forward a few years and life strikes again; because not only am I wife and mom but now I’m the newfound mom to not one but two children with special needs.

That’s right. You read that right, two special needs children. At that moment, I felt hopeless. I had just learned, on top of depression and uncertainty of my life, that my two beautiful babies now have struggles that I knew nothing about. How was I going to do this? How could this happen? Why did this happen? What’s going on right now?

So many questions, so few answers. Was this my life’s destiny? Am I only here to be a mom and wife? I knew there was something more in me but I felt trapped in my circumstances. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my husband and my children. I love them with everything in me, but this was not in my plan. I’m sure some women have plans to be a full-time homemaker but I was not one of them.

For years, I was unhappy with myself. I lacked self-esteem, confidence, and clarity on what I was to do in the world. How can I make an impact if I’m always at home? I’m obviously feeling this sense for more for a reason. So, I became a work at home entrepreneur thinking this would help me find significance and purpose.

I started many businesses, from making candles and body butters  to becoming a cake decorator to network marketing. Some of the businesses did not work but a few were successful. I’d achieved what success looked like for others, and I thought for me too, however, it didn’t lead to fulfillment. I was happy but not fulfilled and that was confusing to me. Go figure!

When my father passed away, that led to a lot of soul searching for me. I realized everything I had been chasing wasn’t truly what I wanted. You know how you can want something for so long and when you get it, it’s not what you thought it was going to be? Well, that was me. That success didn’t fulfill my need to live in my purpose.

So, I stopped everything. I stopped living other people’s dreams, which I had adopted as my own, and I started pursuing my purpose. I became dedicated to helping other women who were struggling with similar battles. Even though for years, I had been pushing women into their purpose, encouraging them to write their books, start their businesses, and helping them with relationship and life’s issues, etc.

I never thought for once that this is truly what I was supposed to be doing. Helping women is my purpose! I was living in my purpose all along and never even knew it. I’ve learned my journey was not for me but for those women I would come in contact with who need the help I was once longing for. 

For this reason, True Image Inspired was born. You may be a mom of children with special needs overwhelmed in life, a homemaker looking for purpose, a young adult on your journey of self discovery, or a woman who’s had success but you’re not fulfilled or just not sure what’s next in life for you; wherever you are in your journey, I am here to remind you that you are important. You are more than what your life looks like right now and you are here on purpose for a purpose!

I am passionate about helping women overcome their struggles and limitations in to truly living to their fullest potential! I will work alongside you and show you how to break through the barriers and overcome the negative mindsets and struggles that keep you from living your life authentically. You will be healed, restored, and renewed to walk into your destiny!